About Shell Creek Sellers

My name is Melanie and my husband and I have a son at CU in Boulder, CO, studying Environmental Science. In particular, he is studying snow. Go figure!

We have become passionate about eliminating single use plastic. Most people think of ocean trash as the greatest problem caused by plastic but the manufacture of plastic also has a devastating effect on our ozone and therefore, our weather. Weather is important to a Colorado ski kid!

In 2019, we launched Shell Creek Sellers, in an effort to make Stainless Steel Straws a fun item to purchase. Our first offering was Eco~Bags with silly and impactful messages, which have been an extremely popular gift item. Each of these bags contains 2, 8.5 stainless steel straws, 1 wide straw for shakes or Boba and 1 Cleaning Brush. We have since added Telescoping Straws with Telescoping Cleaning Brush that come in a 5 inch Key Chain with Carabiner. Finally, for the tall cup, we offer a single 10.5 inch straw for 30 ounce cups, with a Cleaning Brush and a colorful Felt Sleeve.  

You may have noticed that all of our straw sets come with a Cleaning Brush! Yes! I’m a mom! I can’t make anyone use it but every set get a Cleaning Brush!

If you have a Soda or Ice Cream Shop you should check out our bulk stainless steel straws in packages of 50. You will find we have the best price on the market. In fact, all of our pricing is below market. This is so people buy them! I don’t believe we will make a difference in our environment selling single metal straws on the internet at a high price, packaged in plastic. We have priced our product so any student or ecologically minded human can afford to make a difference.

Most importantly, we do not use any plastic in our manufacturing, packaging or shipping!

Retailers can purchase the sets we offer or Namedrop with your own logo/message. Please, reach out for details.

From our family to yours, we truly appreciate your continued support.

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